• Services

  • Commercial Agent in Origin

    We facilitate the commercial task of marketing companies, getting the right product or supplier, thanks to the knowledge of the production areas, varieties, qualities, farmers, companies etc …

  • QA

    We ensure that the criteria established in business relationships are met, acting as an independent control mechanism that ensures traceability throughout the process. We carry out waste control, weight control, fruit qualities, rotten, etc …

  • Collection Management

    We facilitate the collection for the buying or selling part, looking for personnel, machinery, transport, as well as different administrative procedures.

  • Buying and selling process management

    We help the different steps to carry out the buying and selling process, contracts, risk analysis, insurance, etc …

  • Online marketing

    We assume the work of communication and marketing of companies in the citrus sector, improving their image on the internet, website, web positioning, online advertising, social networks, etc …

  • Other various services such as

    • Representation at fairs.
    • Farm administration.
    • Quality management (Global Gap internal auditor, organic farming, integrated production, etc …)
    • Works projects.
    • Grant management (CAP, Rural Development, etc …)