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We are a young company, modern and adapted to the new times, formed by agronomists who try to professionalize the agricultural sector.

Our headquarters are located in Palma del Río, one of the main references of the orange in the Guadalquivir Valley and in Andalusia.

You can write to us through this contact form or contact us using one of the following methods:

  • Palma del Río

    Polígono Industrial el Garrotal Oeste- Calle H- Esq. Calle M- Esq. Carretera de Fuente Palmera (A-440). C.P. 14700 Córdoba – Andalucía (España)

  • (+34) 699 79 48 10

  • <a href="mailto:info@busconaranjas.com">info@busconaranjas.com</a>

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