• About us


Busconaranjas was born before the need to professionalize the purchase and sale operations and bringing supply and demand closer, thus guaranteeing success in business relationships.

Busconaranjas is a project that combines farmers, commercial agents, marketers, distributors and final customers, facilitating the buying and selling operations in the agricultural sector.

Busconaranjas has a team of professional agronomists, commercial engineers, sales and language experts, quality technicians, IT and administration and service personnel that guarantees business transactions in the shortest possible time and in the safest way.

Why use the BUSCONARANJAS service?

Advantages for farmers

  • We offer its production to a large number of buyers.

  • We facilitate all the purchase-sale management, taking care of the collection if you wish.

  • We guarantee the collection of production, providing collection insurance if necessary.

  • It supposes a cost for the seller only if the commercial operation is carried out.

Advantages for marketers

  • We look for the best offer according to the demands and characteristics of the desired product.

  • Centralizamos las comprar-venta, a través de un único interlocutor.

  • We guarantee the quality control of the desired product.

  • We guarantee the collection of products thanks to our wide variety of suppliers and can thus extend the agricultural campaign.

  • It is a free service.